General Rules for Jr. Balvigyan

Date of Jn. Balvigyan is Saturday,  9 th January 2016

The topics are as follows:

  1. Energy Conservation
  2. Health, Nutrition and Cleanliness
  3. Agriculture and Food Safety
  4. Science for a sustainable world
  1. Jr. Science Congress is organized for the students of Classes VI-VIII.
  2. Maximum 04 students can participate in the event. Participating team can accompany with 01 teacher and
    maximum 03 students as observers.
  3. Time limit for the presentation is 10 minutes and 05 minutes for questions.
    04 questions from judges (02 each) and 02 questions from audience (only students).
  4. There will be a warning bell after 9 minutes and a full on bell after 10 minutes.
  5. Students asking question should announce their name and school’s  name before asking the question. No
    supplementary questions can be asked by the students.
  6. Participating teams are requested to maintain absolute silence during the presentation. Questions will be
    asked only after the completion of the presentation.
  7. Reporting time is 9.30 a.m. Schools can report till 10.30 a.m. ( as the teams would come from far off
  8. The school reaching the venue after 10:30 am may participate but will not be judged for the competition
  9. It has been unanimously decided by the members of  Sahodaya Schools that maximum of two awards can be
    given to one Sahodaya .Only one of the following award is permissible for a particular school (No repetition
    of awards for a particular school).
  10. Types of positions/awards:
    a) Best three schools on the basis of overall performance.
    b) Best project report award.
    c) Content & knowledge award.
    d) Aim & utility award.
    e) Best presentation award.
    f) Best question award from audience.
  11. It is mandatory for all the participating teams to be attentive during the presentations.
  12. Results prepared by the judges will be final.
  13. Last date to register your entries at venue school is 15th December 2015.
  14. Last date to deposit project reports (03) at venue school is 4th Jan  2016.

With regards,

Bhavana Pujari
Chairperson ISSC

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