Guidelines for Sr. Balvigyan 2015

 Date:  Thursday, 5th November 2015

  1. Sr. Balvigyan is organized for the Students of classes IX-XII. The Theme is “Sciences and Mathematics for a sustainable world”. 
  2. The event will be organized for the following subjects:
    a)    Physics  b) Chemistry  c) Biology   d) Mathematics  e) S. Science   f) Computers
    g) Commerce
  3. Maximum 04 students can participate in the event. Participating team can accompany with 01 teacher and MAXIMUM 05 students as observers.
  4. Time limit for the presentation is 10 minutes. 05 minutes for questions. (04 questions from judges (02 each) and 02 questions from audience (only students)
  5. Participating teams will submit 02 sets of project reports in hard copy as well as in soft copy (CD) to the host School on submission date till 4.00 P.M. The project report in any form will not be accepted after the due date.
  6. Students asking questions should announce their name and School’s name before asking the question. No supplementary question can be asked by the students.
  7. Participating teams are requested to maintain absolute silence during the presentation. Questions will be asked only after the completion of the presentation.
  8. 02 marks will be deducted for the schools reporting after 9.30 A.M as the reporting time is 9.00 A.M. The Principal will have the power of discretion to decide.
  9. 02 marks will be deducted for the schools leaving the venue before declaration of the results. ((Out stationed teams may be exempted with the permission of the host Principal) 
  10. It has been unanimously decided by the members of Indore Sahodaya Schools Complex that only one of the following awards ( EXCEPT CATEGORY f)  is permissible for a particular School. (No repetition of awards for a particular School) 
  11. It is mandatory for all the participating teams to be attentive during the presentation period, as the participating teams are given an opportunity to assess various presentations. Audience assessment sheets are provided to the students observers. 
  12. Teams are requested to submit the assessment sheet to the host School duly signed by the concerned teacher. Audience assessment sheets are only to compare the results, and do not influence the results prepared by the judges.
  13. An observer will be appointed for ensuring a healthy and fair judgment during the presentation.
  14. Results prepared by the judges are final.
  15. Types of positions/awards:
    • Best three schools on the basis of overall performance
    • Best Idea related to the theme
    • Content & Knowledge award 
    • Aim & Utility award. 
    • Best Presentation award
    • Best Question award from audience. (This being an award for individual student there is no restraint for the judges for school)

All Awardees will be honored on the day of event. Certificates for all the participants 
will be given on the same day of event.

THEME:  Science and Mathematics for a sustainable world

Sub themes:

  1. Community  Health and Environment
  2. Landmarks in Science and Mathematics
  3. Information and Communication Technology
  4. Energy- Resources and Conservation
  5. Transport
  6. Waste Management
  7. E Commerce

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