Welcome to Indore Sahodya Schools Complex

Indore Sahodya Schools Complex, one of the progressive and vibrant Sahodya of the country,initiated its working way back in 1994 with the idea of broadening the horizon of educational system in Indore. Last 33 years have taken the Sahodya to an unbelievable dimension of working and collaborating , shackling down the structured thought processes to a more liberal and dynamic one.

Indore Sahodya leaders left no stone upturned in creating activities and events in literary,cultural,sports and creative design for students of the city to explore their talents and skills. The body of Sahodya extended the learning from class room teaching to community work. Incorporating educational reforms, the Sahodya conducted numerous training programs for teachers and principals to acclimatize with the changes and build new pedagogy of teaching learning. The Indore Sahodya has hosted 2 National Conferences & 3 Regional Conferences in the city to build a better future for generations ahead.