Guidelines for Host Schools

  1. Day & date of event – Thursday,05 -11-2015. Reporting time for the event – 9.00 a.m.
  2. Last date for accepting entries – 19-10-2015 and the last date for the submission of project report in 03 copies – 30 -10-2015 till 4.00 p.m.
  3. Kindly use the common judgment sheets provided by ISSC. Host Schools are requested to read out the general rules for Sr. Bal vigyan.
  4. There will are three judges for the event. One judge from the college, another  a P.G.T.  from any school from different cluster and the third judge should be the P.G.T. of the host school.
  5. Make sure that judges are seated separately during the presentation period.
  6. Host School shall provide sufficient time for judges to finalize the results.
  7. Kindly provide information regarding dates of submission of project reports to judges so that marks can be deducted as per the scheduled date. 
  8. Schools reaching directly to venue Schools without registration and without submission of project reports till 15-10-14 can be excluded from the competition. Such teams shall be considered only for presenting the report on the day of event.   
  9. If the number of entries is 20 or more, then best four (instead of three) schools will be awarded on the basis of performance. However, there is no change in other categories.
  10. In case of late submission of project reports/ late arrival/early departure, 2 marks each will be deducted from the grand total.
  11. However, no marks will be deducted for late submission of soft copy.
  12. The host school Principals are requested to email the results of the event positively by 7th Nov evening at the following email id:
  13. Host Schools are also requested to send the judgment sheets duly signed by the judges and host School Principal latest by 10th November 15 along with photographs in soft copy in the form of CD to Advanced Academy.

For any clarification or doubt feel free to contact on the following numbers:

Bhavana Pujari  –  9425349996
Manoj Bajpai  –  9669200307
Archana Sharma –  9584655055

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